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A couple of weeks before these releases a fifth EP came out and that was the infamous “Rough Trade” promo EP with the missing tracks from “Le Terme - Part 2”. An interesting (edited) version of “the Eternal” is included with three other OK tracks.

Rough Trade - front cover


The sleeve notes from Steve Morris were adapted from the letter he sent to record shops and promoters when the “Ideal” EP was released in 1978. One hundred of these EPs came with a free postcard. Distribution is low on this item and although it’s been out for a couple of months now it’s hard to get one.

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Rough Trade - back cover

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It is not likely that more genuine Hawkeyes will be released. New, good quality Joy Division tapes are unavailable and not likely to turn up, while New Order is not strong enough to sell. Even a kind of “Greatest Hits” was tagged unsuitable. The album should have had the promo versions of Confusion, Thieves Like Us and The Perfect Kiss together with the Hacienda flexi, the Blue Monday remix and 5.8.6 from the “Touch” cassette.