Division broke down and most of the gig was played through the bass amplifier only. The performance is interesting though because there’s communication between Ian and the audience, at least he tried to explain what went wrong.

The Derby tracks are roughly the same quality as those on “Le Terme” and the University of London track is OK. Nevertheless it’s a questionable release.

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As yet unreleased, an quality wise not much different from the above album is “Futurama 2 / Live 1979”, an album with the Futurama gig (Leeds Sept 8th 1979) plus “Incubation” (to complete the “Komakino” album), “The Sound of Music”, the missing track from the “out of Balance, Out of Tune” EP, “Candidate” and “New Dawn Fades” (retrospective), properly mastered this time. This album is not given an “official” Hawkeye number, but I don’t know if, and how it will be released.
During this time another New Order album was prepared. The front sleeve was ready (pictured here) but the album was never mastered. Side one had the BBC gig from August 25th 1984 and side two: “Thieves Like Us” (Pop Elektron May 25th 1984), “Lonesome Tonight”, “Temptation” and “Thieves Like Us”, recorded live at the Hacienda and incorporated in the special “Play at Home” (broadcast August 21st 1984) while the last track on side two was

an edited / remixed scratch version of “Blue Monday” made by a disc jockey from a NT radio station. An unusual but nice version. However the other Hawkeye New Order albums were not selling and the producers lost their interest.