Velvet Underground - Amsterdam 1971
Hawk 013 - Velvet Underground
Amsterdam 1971
tape was prepared and it turned out to be enough for three sides. A fourth side was made up with the second Peel session and a “long” version of “She’s lost control”. Later I discovered that this version is available on certain Dutch pressings of the “Atmosphere / She’s lost control” 12” released by Megadisc in Amsterdam. The double album was released in the USA only as Hawkeye 008. All the pictures on the (hand made) sleeve were from the actual gig. Quality is great, only marginally less than that of the “Amsterdam” album. Go for this one and not for the terrible Swedish picture disc or the hissy “Morituri te salutant” incomplete album (in a horrible cover as well!).
In 1985 no more good quality Joy Division tapes were discovered and Hawkeye’s New Order albums were selling poorly. The question arose if different groups could be used for Hawkeye releases and that’s where these three albums came from: John’s Children - Direct Action (Hawkeye 010), a sixties “Who” like band featuring Marc Bolan, The Nomads - Psycho Live (Hawkeye 011), Swedish garage rockers and the Velvet Underground - Amsterdam 1971 (Hawkeye 013).

Together with these albums one new Joy Division Hawkeye was made: “Here are the young men” (Hawkeye 009), which came out in July 1985. The album had the remaining tracks from the “Here are the young men” video which were not on the Effenaar double album and some tracks from videos, notably the Australian version of “Love will tear us apart” with nice double tracked vocals. Also mentioned on the sleeve is

Hawk 011 - The Nomads
Hawk 010 - John's Children

Here are the Young Men - click to go to listing

Here are the Young Men - click to go to listing

Hawk 009 - Here are the Young Men 
(front and back)
“Shadowplay” from Granada TV, which unfortunately doesn’t appear on the record. (Later this track became available on the German “Shadowplay” album).

The front sleeve was made with one of the many Joy Division postcards which appeared in the shops during the summer. The back was a rare “posed” shot from the band, also used on some later editions of the “History in cuttings” book. Origin unknown.

Another Joy Division album was also mastered titled “Le Terme - part 2”. As the Hawkeye label was a kind of guarantee for at least decent quality, this album was not meant to get the Hawkeye tag, but the people who actually produced the album decided different. The album was given a Hawkeye number (016) and released. The quality was not too good. The Preston gig was disastrous, as almost the whole equipment of Joy