In the meantime a fourth EP was released in September 1984. This time it was meant to be a New Order EP but in the end it became a single only. Side one was the rough mix from “Confusion” produced by Arthur Baker and taken from a Streetwise white label 12” (Hawkeye didn’t expect that in the end 4 different mixes were released). Side two should have had two tracks recorded live at the 688 club in Atlanta on their USA tour “Confusion” and “Cries and Whispers”. Sleeves were prepared according to the information but when the records arrived (on the Paradise label this time) it was discovered that only “Confusion” was on side two. A few copies were sold in the original “wrong” covers, printed in black and blue, but soon after that a new grey sleeve was made with the right tracks on it. The pictures came from an issue of the Face magazine in 1983. All in all, a disappointing release.

New Order - Confusion

New Order - 441

Hawk 007 - New Order 441

In May 1984 New Order played an almost unannounced gig at the Paradiso club in Amsterdam. It was quickly sold out, and everybody expected something special as it was four years ago Ian died. Hawkeye was there as well and they released an album of the concert called 441. The gig was great. New Order started with an “unknown” track and Bernard wrote “New Guitar One” on the setlist as they hadn’t decided on a proper title. This track hasn’t turned up yet. The rest of the gig was very good and at the end, two Joy Division tracks were played “Decades” very good, and “Love will tear us apart”, ragged, careless and quick. After some feedback New Order left the stage and Hawkeye had another live album to release (Hawkeye 007 - released 11/84).
The front picture of Bernard was taken at the Atlanta gig (1983) while the photo on the back came from the Paradiso gig. The liners were taken from an issue of the Record Mirror. The bad thing is that the album was mastered on a very low level this time, you have to switch your amplifier high to get a good sound. But this also increases the hiss, crackles and bobs, so watch your speakers! What happened to the last tracks on side one is unknown to me, but this really sound shitty!

In the spring of 1984 an excellent quality tape of Joy Division’s Effenaar gig became available. A cassette of this gig was available for years but it lasted for about 55 minutes excluding the encores “Warsaw”. It was an audience recording made on a Sony Eleaset recorder. The master tape was sent to Factory, but they did nothing with it. Part of the gig was filmed on 8mm and these were used in the “Here are the young men” video. A master

Hawk 008 - Effenaar