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the front: taken at a rehearsal session at TJ Davidson’s in Manchester where the Love will tear us apart” video was shot. The back cover wasn’t designed by Hawkeye, but taken from the History in Cuttings book.

After this it took almost a year before the next albums came out. In the meantime a sleeve was designed for someone in the USA who released the “Autosuggestion” EP in an edition of 500 copies. The photo was taken at TJ Davidson’s again on April 20th 1980. It was a one sided 17 - 17cm b/w sleeve.
July 1984, two new albums were prepared. The first one was the Paradise Garage gig from New Order (July 7th 1983) - Hawkeye 006. A very good performance indeed. The sleeve depicts New Order before the Paradise Garage in New York, taken from the NME, and on the back a part from an article from Sounds is reprinted about the gig. The quality is great and a first edition was pressed on white vinyl (500 copies). However the record didn’t sell very well and is still available. If you want a nice New Order live album this is the one to get!

New Order - Paradise Garage

Hawk 006 - New Order

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Hawk 005 - A Retrospective...

The second release is the already legendary “Retrospective” album from
Joy Division, with all the rare and hard to get vinyls collected on one album. The sleeve notes were taken from the Christmas issue of the NME (1983) where a very good article on Joy Division and New Order was published. As an added bonus, two remixes were included from the “Unknown Pleasures” album. “Candidate” and “New Dawn Fades”, both almost drowned in Martin Hannett’s echo chamber. Unfortunately these two tracks were mastered on a much higher level than the other tracks, so they came out slightly distorted on the album. In my opinion it’s a playable collection and an album that Factory should have done.