But now, finally, we’ve come to the Hawkeye releases.
Early 1983, a good quality tape from the Russel Club gig was circulating. A master tape was prepared, together with three tracks from New Order’s second Peel session (at that time not available on vinyl). The Joy Division encore was not included because the quality dropped heavily on the last two tracks. The tape was sent to Germany, because a lot of these albums were produced there. The sleeve was also designed , with on the front a picture of Ian at the actual gig and on the back an “In Memoriam” written by Steve Davis, which appeared in the UK Fanzine “In The City” - No 15 / 1980, under the title of “New Dawn Fades”. Together with the Russell Club tape, a second master tape was made, the complete gig done at the Winter Gardens

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Hawk 004 - Russell Club

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in Malvern, April 5, 1980 and three tracks from Eric’s, Liverpool August 11th 1979. Although the quality was not too good, these recordings were valuable, as the Malvern gig was played very well and included a jam with Section 25, and among the Eric’s tracks was one never played before or after, titled “Gimme your Heart”.
The Russel Club album was released first as Hawkeye SCX 5443. Unfortunately the mother disc was cut in a bad way, so the first track on side one was marred by a dent in the vinyl, but overall it’s a nice release.

The first edition was 500 copies I presume and it was repressed later on five different colours of vinyl. The coloured vinyls are not as good as the original black pressing.

The Malvern / Eric’s album took very long to appear, and when it finally came out (not as a Hawkeye, but on the elf record label as “Curtis and the Boys”) almost all the copies were seized by the German police in a raid in the South of Germany in the autumn of 1983. A few copies escaped, and in 1984 it was repressed under the title “Isolation”, very poor quality, again on various colours. The original album has a well known picture on

Malvern / Eric’s