JOY DIVISION - Russian 5¨ square flexi discs on the Budkon label.

Sleeves all on poor quality paper and look like bad photocopies.

Most of the scans on this page were provided by the Incubation site

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Title Serial / scan Year Vinyl colors available
Decades Budkon 2222 1993 Clear, brown & green
Interzone Budkon 2223 1993 Clear, brown & green
Shadowplay Budkon 2278 1993 Clear, yellow, blue & green
She's Lost Control Budkon 2279 1994 Clear, yellow & green
Passover Budkon 2394 1994 Clear, red & green
A Means To An End Budkon 2395 1994 Clear, yellow, brown & blue
Day Of The Lords Budkon 2420 1994 Clear, yellow & red
Ice Age Budkon 2771 1995 Clear, yellow & blue
Sister Ray Budkon 2778 1995 Clear, red & brown
I Remember Nothing budkon 3271 2001 clear, blue & green
24 hours Budkon 3379   Clear, blue & red
Love will Tear us Apart Budkon 3431   Clear, green & red
Transmission Budkon 3432   Clear, yellow & brown
Digital Budkon 4339   Clear, yellow & blue
I Remember Nothing budkon 4383 2001 clear, red & brown
colony Budkon 4447   Clear, green & red
Walked in Line Budkon 4448   Clear, green & yellow
Something must Break Budkon 4453   Clear, blue & brown
Sound of Music Budkon 4457   Clear, red & green
Exercise One Budkon 4593   Clear, red & brown
Glass budkon 4595-x   pic disk clear & green
novelty Budkon 4656   Clear, red & brown
The Eternal Budkon 4660   Clear, brown & green
New Dawn Fades Budkon 4699   Clear, blue & yellow
Sister Ray (Part 2) Budkon 4731 2000 Clear, yellow & green
Isolation Budkon 4735 2000 Clear, red & brown
Walked In Line budkon 4800-x 2001 picture flexi
transmission budkon 4888 2001 clear, yellow, blue & green
atrocity exhibition Budkon 4821 2000 Clear, blue & brown
Dead Souls Budkon 4836 2000 Clear, yellow & brown
Wilderness Budkon 4837 2000 Clear, yellow & green
The Kill Budkon 4842 2000 Clear, red & green
Insight Budkon 4847 2000 Clear, red & blue
Heart And Soul Budkon 4851 2000 Clear, yellow & blue
Candidate Budkon 4905 2000 Clear, yellow & brown
Passover (live) budkon 5064 2001 clear, red & brown
the only mistake budkon 5068 2001 clear, yellow & brown
the only mistake budkon 5070 2001 clear, red & green

singles highlighted in green were released in two different covers

polish postcard flexi discs on k3 records.

rectangular 16.5 x 14.5 cm picture disks with black & white picture "sleeves"/envelopes
all limited to 50 numbered copies.
Leaders Of Men
Dead Souls

Test pressings of these exist on clear vinyl.

Polish 4" postcard flexi discs.

The list below is not definitive - there are many more titles available.
Some titles have Joy Division pictures but many do not. Some pictures appear on more than one title and some titles are available with more than one picture. Basically it would appear that these things are churned out by the lorryload - it's certainly impossible to collect them all.

Some disks are on the B & H label (these generally have art pictures) but many have no record company name.


Love Will Tear us Apart

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Walked in line

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Warsaw - Set of

Title Label Serial No Picture
Atrocity exhibition     Painting by A. Setkowicz: (called): Apoteoza Mickiewicza
Atrocity exhibition     Painting by W. Piechowski called "Pan Twardowski"
Candidate     House, plane, pond etc in big box with Finnish flag
Candidate     Sweet pussyCAT & Tree painting
Colony     Picture of egyptian statue (sphinx?)
Colony     Picture of a building: Nevsky Prospect: House of books
Day Of The Lords B&H Records PUR 001072 B/W picture of a man and the words Dr Faust
Day of the Lords     Shoe with Japanese writing on the side of card
Dead Souls B&H Records PUR 001041 National ballet of Canda
Dead Souls     Monkey with mouth open (as Walked in Line and Sister Ray)
Decades     Not known
Disorder B&H Records PUR 001071 Finlandia (Finnish flag)
Disorder     Man with hand on side of face
Disorder     Joy Division live photo
Excercise 1     Ruined building (as the Kill, the Only Mistake and Ice Age)
Failures     Colour painting by Jósef Chelmonski showing some birds walking
Failures     Colour painting by Henryk Siemiradzki, crowd , dead woman and bull
Failures     Colour painting by Pioyr Michalowski showing a man on his
Failures     colour painting: man in a hat
failures     colour painting: man's face
failures     colour painting: young girl
heart and soul     two deers fighting (painting)
heart and soul     B/W photo of building
Heart and Soul     Drawing of a tree
Heart and Soul     Painting of mother and child
I remember nothing     National ballet of Canada pic
Ice Age     Ruined building (as Excercise 1, the Only Mistake and the Kill)
Insight B&H Records PUR 001074 Lady with two small Chinese girls and the letters PURCO
Insight     Doll with straw figure (as Interzone)
Insight     Brown and white photo - buildings in old Warsaw (1885)
Insight     Brown and white photo - buildings in old Warsaw (1894)
Insight     festive scene
insight     lenin
interzone     doll with straw figure (as insight)
interzone     weird: black and white sweet pussycat picture
isolation     details unknown
leaders of men     old b/w picture of a city square and some buildings
leaders of men     old b/w picture of a church and some people walking about
leaders of men     Egyptian artifact #1
Leaders of men     Egyptian artifact #2
Love Will Tear Us Apart B&H Records PUR 000810 "Cari Festa Cuba 1979" Pic (see scan above)
Love Will Tear Us Apart     Battle of trafalgar pic with lord nelson
Love Will Tear Us Apart     12¨ sleeve picture
New Dawn Fades B&H Records PUR 001075 Battle of Trafalgar / Madame Tussaud's
New dawn fades     Two headed red beast (like a wolf or a dog)
Novelty     ¨Closer¨ Pic
She's Lost Control     Some landscape painting
She's Lost Control     Pic of a Polish group called "Clerks" or "Sprzedawcy" in polish (we think)
She's Lost Control     B/W nude
She's Lost Control     Text but no image
Sister Ray B&H Records PUR 001042 Yellow pic of a man and a woman. Entitled "Damy I Huzari"
Sister ray     Monkey with mouth open (as Walked in Line and dead Souls)
Something Must Break     Mans face with what appear to be coloured feathers
The Kill     Ruined building (as Excercise 1, the Only Mistake and Ice Age)
The Kill     An Ideal for Living 7¨ picture
The only mistake     Ruined building (same as Excercise1, the Kill, and Ice Age)
Transmission B&H Records PUR 000884 Two cucumbers and two tomatoes.
Transmission B&H Records PUR 000884 Majestic statue in front of Polish houses
Transmission     An Ideal for Living book
Walked in Line     Monkey with mouth open (as Sister Ray and dead Souls)
Walked in Line     Joy Division group photo
Walked in Line B&H Records PUR 001038 Pale blue "art" pic.
Warsaw     Set of three
Warsaw     Set of three - different to listing above