West-German double LP. Black and white cover. Black and white insert with detailed song info.
Source: Live & studio.

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A1 Transmission B1 At a later date
A2 Warsaw B2 Failures
A3 Leaders of men B3 No love lost
A4 New dawn fades B4 She's lost control
A5 Digital B5 Interzone
A6 Glass B6 Novelty

The end of side A features an excerpt from the end of the Vincent Price movie Die Maske des Roten Todes "The Masque Of The Red Death" 1966. There's the sound of breaking glass, some weird music (strings/bells), followed by German dialogue, more music, and some laughter.

At the end of side B: More German dialogue, and soundtrack from the same German film.- Thanks to Carsten for solving this mystery for us.

C1 Let's go (New Order) D1 Candidate
C2 Isolation (instrumental) D2 These days
C3 Incubation D3 The only mistake
C4 Komakino D4 Chance (Atmosphere)
C5 Isolation D5 Atrocity Exhibition
C6 Heart and soul D6 Decades (N.Order)
C7 Atmosphere (N.Order)    

Side C starts with a snippet from Isolation - the last swirling synth noise just before Passover begins - from 'Closer' right before the start of New Order's 'Let's Go'

Side D starts with a snippet from the Castle Pub, Manchester Ian Curtis interview, November 1979, right before the start of Candidate from the Piccadilly Radio session 4/6/79

Tracks A1, B5 & B6: live Russell Club, Manchester 13 Jul 1979
Tracks A2, A3, B2 & B3: An Ideal For Living EP, recorded Dec 1977
Tracks A4 & A5: live Amsterdam, Paradiso 11 Jan 1980
Tracks A6 & B4: live London, Nashville Rooms 22 Sep 1979
Track B1: from the Short Circuit 10" LP - live Manchester, The Electric Circus 2 Oct 1977
Tracks C1 & C7: NEW ORDER live in Belgium; Leuven, Manhattan Club 17 Dec 1985
Tracks C2 to C6: soundcheck; London, Lyceum Ballroom 29 Feb 1980
Tracks D1 to D5: Piccadilly Radio session, 4 Jun 1979
Track D6: NEW ORDER live London, Royal Festival Hall 14 May 1984