JOY DIVISION - DEAD SOUL (2 x LP) Nice Price 1001
Matrix JX A-B/JD ZY A/B

Double-LP. Released May 1985. Released on double black vinyl, double clear vinyl, and a version with one clear vinyl and one clear yellow vinyl.
Reissue/collection of the bootlegs "Unknown Martyrs" and "Black Souls". Reissued as "End Live in England 1979"
Live: Russel Club, Manchester, July 13 1979.
Live: The Prince of Wales Conference Centre, YMCA, London, August 2 1979

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Dead souls Disorder
The only mistake Interzone
Insight Atrocity Exhibition
Candidate Novelty
Wilderness Transmission
She's lost conteol  

Dead souls Day of the lords
Disorder She's lost control
Wilderness Shadowplay
Autosuggestion Atrocity exhibition
Transmission Insight

Side 3 begins with a recording of a Gregorian Chant and side 4 ends with one.

DEAD SOULS (LP) JD/J016 1988

Colour cover. 400 copies.
Live: Ajanta Theatre, Derby, April 19 1980.

Dead souls Heart and soul
Wilderness Isolation
Digital These days
Insight Transmission
Passover She's lost control