Foldover sleeve. Most copies in black vinyl.

There is a very rare pink vinyl version with the same matrix number. We've only come across two of these but there could be many more. One had a plain sleeve. The other had the same sleeve as the black vinyl version plus an inner sleeve too. See scans below.

Heart and soul Cross of iron

Cross of iron is actually Incubation.

Some sources say that Cross of iron was recorded in TJM Studios January 1980 although there are no records of such a recording session taking place. More likely it was recorded live at Preston Warehouse 28 Feb 1980.

Click for larger image This pink vinyl version came in a plain sleeve. The circles on the label may have been drawn on by a previous owner.

This pink vinyl version had the normal sleeve plus this white fold-over inner sleeve on thin paper. It could be home-made.

The vinyl may be the same colour as the above 7".
It's hard to tell with scans taken on different computers.