British Underground: The best of the UK punk new wave 1977 - 1982 (LP)
Chaos Wrecords C 001

Compliation LP - limited edition of 500 numbered copies
Probably German and probably released around 1993
Live / studio.

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XTC Instant Tunes X-Ray Spex Let's Submerge (live 1977)
The Sound Cold Beat Disco Zombies Drums Over London
Another Pretty Face Whatever Happened To The West? The Cigarettes Looking At You
The Scars Adult/ery The Fatal Charm Spend The Night Alone
The Mekons Where Were You? Penetration Firing Squad (live 1979)
Gang Of Four Damaged Goods Joy Division Novelty (live 1979)*
Josef K The Missionary Orange Juice Blue Boy

*The JD track is not live, it's a studio version of Novelty from the first "Transmission" session at Central Sound Studios, Manchester in July 1979.

This LP has plain, black labels. The original matrix number in the run-off grooves have been scratched out - except for "A" and "B" to identify which side is which. All of this suggests to us that this is a bootleg. If you have more information please email us