A copy of Live Malvern Eric's in a different sleeve (same matrix numbers)
The title means something like "Out of grey cities walls"
This LP was also released as "Isolation" in 1984.
Clear vinyl with red insert
Source: live.

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Thanks to Christian for the scans

1 Disorder 7 Isolation
2 Wilderness 8 Interzone
3 24 hours 9 She's lost control
4 Heart & soul 10 Untitled
5 Atmosphere 11 Untitled
6 Love will tear us apart 12 New dawn fades
    13 Glass

Tracks 1-10 Live: Winter Gardens, Malvern, April 5 1980.
Tracks 11-13 Live: Eric's, Liverpool, August 11th 1979.
The untitled track 10 is a jam of "Girls don't count" with Section 25. It's a Section 25 single, released on Factory.
The untitled track 11 is the song "Gimme your heart".