JOY DIVISION -  Abstract Sounds 2LP   Nippon Music AS22  2023

Asian bootleg released 2023
Nippon Music
Limited edition 25 copies - numbered on a resealable plastic outer sleeve
Five different splatter vinyl versions as well as gold vinyl, white vinyl and picture discs. Usually sold together as a set of eight
Additionally some copies on white vinyl, gold vinyl, and picture discs, were sold separately with no numbered stickers, no obis, and no printed inner sleeves
Black gatefold sleeve with gold foil print
The spine has the band name, title and AS22 printed on it
Black obi strip with the Fractured Music "f" logo, band name and some Japanese characters as well as a price(?): 15,500
The inside of the gatefold features a photo of each band member, all from TJ Davidson's,  Manchester August 1979 by  Kevin Cummins.
LP1 printed inner sleeve features a posed band picture by photographer Harry Goodwin, the other side of the inner sleeve has a track listing, recording details, liner notes, and a band picture taken backstage at Plan K Brussels October 979 by Francois Lagarde as background.

Matrix nunbers:
17008-138427 A
17008-138427 B
17008-138427 C
17008-138427 D

Gatefold sleeve with OBI

LP1 insert

LP2 insert


Sides A and B:

1 The Drawback 7 Transmission
2 The Leaders of Men 8 Living in The Ice Age
3 They Walked in Line 9 Interzone
4  Failures 10 Warsaw
5  Novelty 11 Shadowplay
6  No Love Lost

        all from the RCA sessions, Arrow Studios, Manchester  May 3rd and 4th 1978
Side C and D:

1 Insight 9 Atmosphere
2 Glass 10 Atrocity Exhibition
3 Digital 11 Transmission
4 Transmission 12 Novelty
5 Ice Age 13 Dead Souls
6 These Days 14
Something Must Break
7 Candidate

8 The Only Mistake

       1 - 5:      Genetic demos Eden Studios, London. March 4th 1979
       6 - 10:    Piccadilly Radio session Pennine Sound Studios, Oldham June 1979
       11 - 14:  Transmission sessions 1 Central Sound Studios, Manchester. July 1979

JOY DIVISION -  Abstract Sounds 2LP   Nippon Music AS22  2023  (Test Pressing)

Asian bootleg released 2023
Released as a test pressing of the above
Nippon Music
Limited edition 13 numbered copies
Black vinyl
Non gatefold sleeve
The spine has band name, title and PROAS23 printed on it
White custom labels with TEST PRESSING, Customer, Date, Cat No, Operator and QC CHECKED printed on them in black, the A-side label has hand-written on it after Customer: 22M006, after Date: 2023-2-3, and after Cat No: 17008-138427 AB, the C-side label has hand-written on it after Customer: 22M007, after Date: 2023-1-13, and after Cat No: 17008-138427 CD
The back cover has a track listing and For Promotional Use Only  2022 Nippon Music  All Rights Reserved and Limited Edition One Pressing Only printed on it, and a white square in the bottom right corner with the individual number in black

Also included:

Matrix nunbers (as above):
17008-138427 A
17008-138427 B
17008-138427 C
17008-138427 D



Vinyl, Slipmat, and postcard