24 Hour Party People


Released in 2002 this film follows the history of Factory records from the legendary Sex Pistols gig at the Free Trade hall, Manchester to the Happy Mondays ill fated trip to Barbados.
Not a documentary, more a comedic interpretation of the Factory legend through the eyes of Tony Wilson and friends. So don't expect accuracy. In driving scenes look out for 21st century cars!


 The Poster:  The Cast:

 US Film Poster
US Film Poster

Tony Wilson Steve Coogan
Ian Curtis Sean Harris
Peter Hook Ralf Little
Bernard Sumner John Simm
Martin Hannett Andy Serkis
Rob Gretton Paddy Considine
Alan Erasmus Lennie James
Vini Reilly Raymond Waring
Steven Patrick Morrissey James Cartwright
Mark "Bez" Berry Chris Coghill
Shaun Ryder Danny Cunningham
John the Postman Dave Gorman
Lindsey Shirley Henderson
Don Tonay Peter Kay
Also featuring:

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Kevin Baker
John Thomson
Simon Pegg


The book: The Soundtrack CD:

24 Hour Party People by Tony Wilson.
Published March 2002 this book is a companion to the film and tends to document the myth rather than the truth behind the rise and fall of Factory Records.

24 Hour Party People Book

Sex Pistols Anarchy In the UK
Happy Mondays 24 Hour Party People
Joy Division Transmission
Buzzcocks Ever Fallen In Love?
The Clash Janie Jones
Moby/New Order New Dawn Fades
Joy Division Atmosphere
Durutti Column Otis
A Guy Called Gerald Voodoo Ray
New Order Temptation
Happy Mondays Loose Fit
808 State Pacific State
New Order Blue Monday
Marshall Jefferson Move Your Body
Joy Division She's Lost Control
Happy Mondays Hallelujah (Club Mix)
New Order Here To Stay
Joy Division Love Will Tear Us Apart

The TV Programme:

Channel 4 broadcast a TV Documentary also called 24 Hour Party People on 24th April 2002  which featured a number of interviews with people who were there at the time. Some of these turn up in the "extras" section of the DVD. 


DVD - Original UK Version: 2 Disc set DVD - US Version: single disc

The UK DVD comes as a two disc set and has more features than the US version. HMV stores have their own numbered limited edition version of the set in a different sleeve. The contents are identical though.
Later UK versions are on a single CD
The US DVD is a single DVD and doesn't have as many features as the UK Versions. Howeve it is a lot easier to navigate as everything is in plain English - and the scene selection is done using still pictures.


Special Features:

Disc 1:

Audio commentary with Steve Coogan and Producer Andrew Eaton

Audio commentary with Tony Wilson

Deleted Scenes

Original Theatrical Trailer


New Order "Here To Stay" music video

Sleeve Notes - who's who in 24 Hour Party People

24 Hour Party People DVD

HMV Limited Edition version in a different sleeve
HMV Ltd Edition

Special Features:
Audio commentary with Steve Coogan and Producer Andrew Eaton

Audio commentary with Tony Wilson

Deleted Scenes

Original Theatrical Trailer

2 Featurettes

Photo Gallery

24 Hour Party People DVD

Disc 2:

FROM THE FACTORY FLOOR - Commentary by artists and friends from the era including Peter Hook, Rowetta and Martin Moscrop

PORTRAIT OF A FILM MAKER - Michael Winterbottom


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DVD Other countries The Spanish version has slightly different interviews in the "extras"


2019 Blu-ray release

UK release 3 June 2019. includes 4.5 hours of extras

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