Joy Division only released two albums but they led the way out of punk rock and towards Madchester. This is a site for Joy Division fans with listings for all releases, concerts, books, videos etc

Joy Division

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Ian Curtis Biography - his life story, his day job, and his death - plus information on Ian's Macclesfield, and his confirmation photo  

Tribute Bands & Covers - hundreds of Joy Division cover versions but only a handful of tribute bands
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Recent site updates

3 Apr Joy Division in Yorkshire - article added. About a year ago Julian, one of our messageboard regulars, started researching the Joy Division shows in his home county and today we're pleased to publish the fruits of his labour. Thanks Julian.

27 Mar Joy Division rehearsal recordings surface after 35 years:

Unheard Joy Division rehearsal outtakes have come to light nearly 35 years after they were first recorded and feature three versions of ĎA Means to an Endí and an instrumental track.

The first documented live performance of ĎA Means to an Endí was at Les Bains Douches, Paris in December 1979 and the only studio recording was made at Britannia Road studios in March 1980. The song was released on the Closer album in July 1980 some two months after Ian Curtisís death.

The 90 second instrumental is a historic find as it doesnít sound like an early incarnation of any later Joy Division song.

Unfortunately it is unlikely these Lo-fi recordings will feature on a future Joy Division release as the vocals are low in the mix and in all probability this was a cassette tape from a rehearsal session

Control DVD

21 Mar Record Store Day April 19th 2014 - Joy Division release confirmed as An Ideal For Living 12"
Un numbered limited edition of 7500 copies.
New cover inspired by the original 12" scaffold sleeve

The new 2014 sleeve on the left - and the original on the right

+ - Box Set
£21.74 Free Delivery

2 Mar Malvern April 1980 - set list added to listing thanks to Ben Walker  
28 Feb Factory July 1978 - Record Mirror gig listing added thanks to Dave McCarthy
Touching From A Distance - Russian edition added thanks to Fage

Heart and Soul Box Set £25.33 Free Delivery

26 Feb More tattoos added thanks to Jeremy Cox and Paul from Blackburn

24 Jan Birmingham High Hall: Joy Division's last ever concert venue is being demolished  


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