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Recent site updates

May 31 Abstract Sounds

Listing created for the 2023 Abstract Sounds bootleg


May 27 Radio Transmissions

Listing updated with 2023 reissue of Radio Transmissions LP


May 05 New photos surface

University of London Union February 1980 listing updated with Trevor Whittock's photos which have just been published on FaceBook



Apr 10 Plagiarism?

Listing added for 1992 German issue Plagiat (Plagiarism) book

1st time on vinyl (2LP)

Apr 08 Leeds flyer

Leeds Brannigans October 78 - flyer added to listing thanks to Jimmy Burns
We're still waiting for a set list or photos to surface

Apr 07 Aztec Camera

Shades of Division and Space listings updated. The mystery tracks on side B are Aztec Camera and Edwin Collins demos


Apr 05
Leeds Flyer

Leeds Uni October 79 concert listing updated with an Ents Secretary flyer thanks to Jimmy Burns

Mar 29 Bernard Sumner's artwork

An Ideal For Living listing updated with Bernard Sumner's original artwork

Feb 15 With Love ...

Listing added for With Love From Brussels Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 LPs


Feb 13 2024 Cassette Revival

Listing added for Ajanta Theatre, Derby, UK April 19th 1980 FM Broadcast cassette

Dec 03 2023
Pictures in My Mind

Listing added for Pictures in My Mind 2022 bootleg of rehearsal recordings


Nov 21 New Article added

Hugh Bernays tells us about his time as a promoter in York and booking Joy Division to play at the Revolution Club

Former entrance to The Revolution in 2013 (C) Bryan Hopson

Sep 27 Fandom

Site updated with a listing for the various Joy Devotion books about fan culture


Sep 19 New interview

Mark Gale interviews Michael Johnson about his time as Assistant Sound Engineer on the Joy Division Closer sessions in March 1980

Aug 24
Rare Joy Division ticket surfaces

Institute of Technology, Bolton gig listing updated with Julie Heyes' original ticket which surfaced this week on FaceBook

Aug 11 Photo Book

Book listing added: Joy Division Bowdon Vale Youth Club Manchester - Photographs by Martin O'Neill

Jul 23 European Tour

We don't know much about the proposed 1980 European tour with Tuxedomoon and a gig with Throbbing Gristle, but a short entry in Rob Gretton's notebooks confirms it, so we have updated our short listing. 

Jul 22
2015 CD

Listing added for a Chinese pirate Unknown Pleasures CD from 2005

Jul 01 Tape it Dee Dee

Two 2023 bootleg cassette listings added


Jun 24 New interview

Mark Gale interviews Britannia Row Sound Engineer Jon Caffery about his time working with Joy Division on the Closer sessions in March 1980

May 16 Warsaw and Joy Division

Listing added for for Warsaw - Middlesbrough 14th September 1977 / Joy Division - Manchester 28th September 1979 bootleg

May 10

Partial set list information added for the matinee performance at Eric's 8th December 1979

Thanks to Craig Wood

Apr 28 Les Bains Douches photos

Two photos from Les Bains Douches concert December 1979 added - thanks to François Guillez
Prints are available through his web site

François Guillez and reproduced here with permission

Apr 24 Dance to the Radio

Listing added for Dance To The Radio, Ajanta Theatre, Derby...  LP

Mar 28 1979 BBC Recordings

Listing added for 1979 BBC Recordings LP

Mar 25 Joy Division - clips reel Betacam 2008

'Joy Division - clips reel' Betacam added to our scrapbook. What's on the tape is a mystery.


Jan 25 Paul Morley Serbian Edition

Listing added for the Serbian edition of Paul Morley's Piece By Piece - Writing about Joy Division 1977-2007

Jan 24 Better Badges

Rob Gretton’s first job as manager of Joy Division was to commission Steve McGarry to design a record sleeve for An Ideal For Living 12”.  McGarry also designed a set of 12 badges. Produced by Better Badges, black on white versions were printed, with a small number of white on black versions for the band members.

These have now been reissued in a limited edition of 250 copies and 100 copies respectively and are available, signed, directly from Steve on eBay.


Dec 06 The Moonlight Club

Listing added for The Moonlight Club Complete Recordings2LP. It is similar to the Factory By The Moonlight 2LP 2003 release but pressed from different plates. It's another 'test pressing', 15 copies on black vinyl.


Dec 05 Live in Koln

Listing added for Live in Koln bootleg 2LP. It is similar to the 2004 Die Kalten Winde des Winters release but the audio is from a different source. It's a 'test pressing', 15 copies on black vinyl.


Dec 04 New Kevin Cummins photo book

Listing added for Archivum: Vintage Joy Division Prints by Kevin Cummins.

This book features the front and back images of photos that were published in music papers and the like, including notes and stickers. Two versions:




Dec 04 Alternate Still

Different versions of Alternate Still added to the listing


Dec 03 A New Dawn Fades

A New Dawn Fades listing added. This is the 'regular' edition of the 'test pressing' below.


€10.00 + P&P
Dec 03
Unreleased tracks on a 13 copy 'test pressing' LP

Live at Erics and Nashville Ballroom 1979 bootleg listing added. This LP features the whole Eric's concert for the first time, along with all four songs recorded at the Nashville Rooms which haven't been released before either.


Sep 20
A bootleg variant of a semi official release

Preston 28 February 1980 bootleg LP (released 2022) listing added


Jun 20 Warsaw - The Complete Recordings

Greek reissues of Warsaw - The Complete Recordings CD added to the listing, including a 25 copy wooden hinged box set with TShirt, band photos and certificate -  and two 25 copy hand numbered versions in fabric book like sleeves.

Jun 19 Unreleased Pleasures

Listing added for the 2022 Unreleased Pleasures bootleg.


Jun 12 Unheard Joy Division studio tracks surface on Alternate Still bootleg

Listing added for the 2022 Alternate Still bootleg. Only 15 copies released and described as a test pressing, this LP contains some previously unheard versions from  studio sessions


Jun 10 Rare New Dawn Fades acetate up for auction at Bonhams 14th June

The 10" acetate was sent to John Peel and is personalised for him, suggesting it is a one off...


Joy Division: An Acetate Recording Of New Dawn Fades, 1979

a single-sided 10inch disc centre with square label inscribed in unknown hand in blue felt-tip pen, FACT 10+1 33 1/3 for John from Joy Division and Factory Records 'New Dawn Fades' from 'Unknown Pleasures', details also etched into run-off groove, personalised engraved message from George 'Porky' Peckham to centre, reading Porky to Peel, Hello/Keep it up John, you're doin a grand job, in plain white, die-cut paper sleeve with John Peel's annotations


Possibly unique, this acetate recording of the Side 1 track from the band's debut album, Unknown Pleasures, was probably sent to John Peel as a pre-release demo.

John Peel played this track in his show on 19th May 1980, in tribute to Ian Curtis who had committed suicide the previous day and also on 19th May 1981, on the first anniversary of the singer's death.

Update: Sold for £5,100

Jun 01
Transmission books

The 2014 Transmission – Vita, Morte E Visioni Di Ian Curtis, Italian Joy Division book has been reissued in both Italian and Spanish language versions.



31 May It's "Bowdon" not "Bowden"!

Listing added for the 2022 Live at Bowden Youth Club Altrincham Cheshire March 14th 1979


10 May Radio Transmissions

Listing added for the 2022 reissue of Radio Transmissions


07 May Malvern Winter Gardens reissue

Listing added for the 2022 reissue of Live at Malvern Winter Gardens, April 5th 1980


08 Apr Misplaced reissue

Listing added for the 2022 reissue of the Misplaced 2LP bootleg


07 Apr From Shakespeare to Ian Curtis: British pop archive to open in Manchester

An archive’s fabulous treasures, including a Gutenberg Bible, a Shakespeare first folio and the oldest known fragment of the New Testament, are to be joined by Ian Curtis’s handwritten lyrics for Joy Division’s She’s Lost Control and a wealth of material that shines light on Granada TV.

Click here for Guardian article

04 Apr The last photo

The last photo of Ian Curtis comes up for auction later this month as part of a collection owned by former band member, and Joy Division manager, Terry Mason.

Auction date 26 April 2022, estimate £3,000 - £5000


Here's the full description of the lot taken from the Omega Auctions web site:

"An original passport photo with image of Ian Curtis, taken just weeks before his untimely death in May 1980. With full signature (with middle initial) in blue ink to the reverse by Ian Curtis. Measures 4 x 5.5cm. Provenance: signed and given by Ian Curtis to then road manager Terry Mason for purposes of providing a copy to US immigration in order to obtain a visa for the planned US tour.

Further information supplied by the vendor:

The last known photo of Ian Curtis

"Taken on the morning of Thursday 15th May 1980, at the Photo Me booth in Woolworths Macclesfield, in preparation for the US Tour. The band, Rob and the crew all needed to provide 2 x passport photos, signed on the reverse complete with any middle initials. I was due to travel to the US Embassy in Grosvenor Square the next day and I already had everyone else, Ian’s were the last to be collected. I drove over with Barney and Rob Gretton. Ian was in fine form and overly generous, we really thought that he had got his head around his domestic situation, and was making plans for the future. He gave Barney some albums, his skinny Levis and his winkle picker boots, he gave me his Ideal for Living cover – for some reason I had missed out on a cover, despite having been there folding them, Ian was offering me his #2 Sordide Sentimental, but Rob stopped him. And then the major reason for the journey, Ian handed me the two duly signed passport photos for the US Embassy, and gave me the remaining copy, saying ‘you keep this you never know when you might need it’, with Rob joking, ‘it’s your tip for going to the embassy’.

Three photos, shouldn’t there be a fourth? There was, but obviously it was the first flash that always caught you off guard and Ian didn’t want anyone see that one, and Ian had already binned it, I was given three.

The next day I caught the early train down to London, queued at the Embassy and waited for the passports to be stamped, before the Embassy closed its gates. I collected the passports, rang Rob to tell him we had Visas (around that time there had been a spate of UK bands missing the start of their North American tours due to Visa delays) and then got the train back to Manchester.

Bizarrely just across aisle on the train there was a group of ‘booties’ Royal Marine Commandos with a table full of cans talking about a fellow marine who was being held in Belgium on a charge of murder - Stevie Murphy, the same Stevie Murphy who I had been in Junior school with. Small world!

I didn’t join in with the booties, I just sat back in my seat, I just sat believing there was nothing to go wrong now we had the visas and on Monday morning we were to fly out to America…

In the 41 years since the photo, no one has made any claim to a later photo of Ian and so with a 99.999% probability this is the last photo of Ian."


23 Mar Macclesfield Mural

Peter Hook will be cutting the ribbon on a new Ian Curtis mural in Macclesfield this Saturday. Manchester artist Akse is creating the artwork based on a photograph by Kevin Cummins.

Details: Mill Street, near the bus station, Macclesfield at 13.00h on Saturday 26 March.

Photo courtesy @thepicturedrome         Artist @Akse_P19

18 Mar Pirates ahoy

Another Unknown Pleasures Pirate LP added to the listings


15 Mar Royalty Theatre Ticket

A ticket for Joy Division, John Cooper Clarke, and Fashion concert at Royalty Theatre, London June 1979 has surfaced on eBay - at £350. Thanks to Mark Gale.

10 Mar The Ideal Beginning

Image of the original demo tape Warsaw's manager, Terry Mason sent out blissfully unaware that he'd included the theme to Coronation Street and his mother telling him dinner was ready in the recordings.   Many thanks to Alberto Lutriani.

26 Feb The European Radio Broadcasts

Listing added for The European Radio Broadcasts 2021 bootleg LP, which features various session recordings, and a live track, all of which were released officially on the Heart and Soul Box set in 1997, also previously released on the Autosuggestion bootleg


5 Feb Plan K

Following the release of a 15 copy test pressing of the Plan K 2LP bootleg, a 100 copy splatter vinyl version was released last year. Listing updated accordingly.


2 Feb
The Lost

2021 repress of The Lost 2LP bootleg added to listing

16 Jan 2022 Failures

Failures bootleg LP listing improved


15 Jan 2022 More bootlegs

Listings added for Joy Division Studio Rarities Vol1 and Joy Division Studio Rarities Volume 2


Listing added for Asylum Doors single LP version


Listing added for Live at University of London Union ... reissue


13 Dec 2021
Leeds University poster surfaces

Previously unseen concert poster add to our listing thanks to @SoundsClips - Articles from Sounds Magazine 1975 - 1980

11 Dec Yet another Warsaw LP

Listing added for the latest version of the Warsaw LP. This one has 17 tracks rather than the usual 11.



8 Dec More tattoos

Artur from shares his tattoos with us


7 Dec Tattoos

Three new tattoos added to the site thanks to Glyn Bailey and Jeff Napier



5 Dec Bootleg overload

Listings added for several 2021 bootlegs, Asylum Doors, Live in Guildford, A Buzz in Guildford, Paris - Live Transmission, Exercise One, Unknown Pleasures Live, Transmission 12", and 1980 Box Set.
Click images for listings.





25 Nov A Legacy

Listing added for A Legacy in Wax - the 2017 updated edition of the True Faith book


25 Nov US Edition

Listing added for the 2014 US Edition of the So This Is Permanence book

24 Nov New Italian Book

Listing for Our Vision Touched The Sky - Fenomenologia dei Joy Division added

21 Nov Plan K

Listing added for the 2021 Plan K bootleg double LP


05 Nov Malvern Winter Gardens

Listing added for the 2021 Live at Malvern Winter Gardens, April 5th 1980 bootleg LP.


22 Oct I got a kiss off Fay Fife!

Warsaw, Rock Gardens, Middlesbrough listing updated - turns out the Rezillos were headlining. Also quotes from gig goers added and that Bob Last recorded the gig. Many thanks to Northern Punk Martin who diligently researched this until he found confirmatory evidence.


17 Oct TJ Davidson interview

Mark Gale interviews TJ Davidson about his book, The TJM Story, and his encounters with Joy Division

Image MDMA archive

Still 40th Anniversary

The 40th anniversary edition of Still will be released on crystal clear vinyl 11 February 2022. Limted edition 10,000 copies in a ruby red sleeve.

7 Oct Ceremony bootleg reissue

Listing added for the 2021 reissue of the Ceremony 10" bootleg.

The TJM Story

Out now: The TJM Story, How to make it big in the music business by Anthony Davidson - Tony Davidson, owner of the rehearsal room where Joy Division and artists on his own TJM Records rehearsed and featured in the video for Love Will Tear Us Apart has written his memoirs. All proceeds got to the Lou Macari homeless foundation.

Louder than War book review  

Order here - contact Tony via Facebook messenger

11 Sep Just the ticket

Ticket added for St Georges Hall, Bradford 1979 - thanks to Richard Irving

03 Sep
Back in the days when we didn't know the lyrics

Listing added for a 1981 untitled lyrics booklet. When Factory didn't publish Joy Division lyrics the fans strained their ears and did the job themselves.

Front cover with Marc Tilli Photo

21 Aug Vintage years

Page created for Joy Division calendars, an official(ish) 1986 one and an unofficial 16 month 2008 - 2009 "homage to Factory records"


entertainment recreation

CD £7.99
Blu-ray Audio £26.10

23 Jul Etched picture disc

Listing added for the 2021 one sided picture disc featuring 1977 Warsaw rehearsals


03 Jul My Heart And Soul - Live April 1980

Bootleg listing added

30 Jun New Futurama photos surface

Futurama gig listing updated with  Simon Clifford's photos, taken on an instamatic camera. Thanks to @futuramafest


26 Jun Joy Division + New Order: Decades

Listing added for Joy Division + New Order: Decades Hardcover – to be published 7 Oct. 2021

Paperback £12.18

19 Jun

Listing created for Kevin Cummins forthcoming Juvenes reissue.

Signed copies now available to pre-order + special boxed editions containing a signed print, limited to just 100 copies.

Special edition £495

Signed editions from Rough Trade £30.00

Standard edition on Amazon £26.40 with price guarantee


29 May Atmosphere

Official Atmosphere 40th Anniversary issue from 2020 added to listing

23 May Another Rainbow Theatre track surfaces on YouTube

An audience audio recording of Heart and Soul from Joy Division's performance at the Rainbow Theatre, London, 1980 has surfaced on YouTube. This is the fourth song from the concert to appear online over the last year.

15 May Finnish edition

Touching From a Distance book listing updated with 2010 Finnish edition

Factory By The Moonlight 2012 reissue added to our listing. This is an American release but the cover states it's Italian

09 May Concert poster surfaces after 42 years

Imperial Hotel Blackpool listing updated with the poster, which was designed by Larry Cassidy of Section 25 who promoted the gig. Thanks to Section 25, Karl Whiting, and @SynecdocheHK

08 May Lost Warsaw track found after 44 years

According to the Electric Circus Archive Release Campaign on Facebook, a high quality Virgin Records monitor tape has been found with the complete version of Warsaw's Novelty performed at the Electric Circus 2nd October 1977.

Warsaw performed three songs on the night: Warsaw, At A Later Date, and Novelty. Virgin recorded the last two with At A Later Date being released on Short Circuit - Live At The Electric Circus, a various artists compilation album of live tracks recorded at the venue. However it has long been believed that there were technical issues with only part of Novelty being recorded and that's why the track has never surfaced.

Unknown Pleasures and Closer Live

Listings added for the 2021 pirate versions of the official albums which feature alternative live versions of the tracks


06 May The final concert

Flyer for Joy Division's last concert at High Hall, Birmingham added to listing. With thanks to Pat Teasdale and Neil Woodvine

02 May Dance To The Radio

Listing added for the 2014 Dance To The Radio bootleg LP


30 Apr Factory By Moonlight

Listing updated with 2021 reissue


29 Apr More Ajanta

Listing added for A Cry For Help, Italian bootleg CD from 2013

24 Apr Ajanta

Listing added for the Ajanta Cinema, Derby, UK  April 19th, 1980 bootleg LP from 2015

23 Apr Beginning of The End

Listing added for the Beginning of The End bootleg LP, orange sleeve variant

17 Apr Unknown Pleasures pirate releases

Numerous pirate editions of Unknown Pleasures added to the listings

14 Apr That'll be The End

Listing added for That'll Be The End Live at the Ajanta Cinema, Derby 2021 bootleg LP. This is a new pressing with different matrix numbers

14 Apr Amsterdam

Listing added for Amsterdam 1980 2LP bootleg

13 Apr Rare poster surfaces

Joy Division poster for Bolton Institute of Technology February 1979 added to listing. Thanks to Steve Fielding for the photo and Lee McFadden for spotting it.

Latest version of the Twenty Four Hours bootleg LP added to listing


10 Apr Additional Joy Division concert date unearthed?

We know Joy Division played the Royal Standard Bradford on 10 September 1978 but did they also play 20th August the same year?

Rob Gretton's notebooks as published in the 1 Top Class Manager  book and on the web by Manchester District Music Archives provide a copy of a contract, a diary entry for an unnamed gig on this date, and notes about petrol expenses.

If you know any more please contact us.

Many thanks to Nick Blakey for investigating this and the Manchester District Music Archive for documenting it.

06 Apr Easter Updates part 4

Ticket for Buzzcocks / Joy Division concert at The Capitol Theatre Aberdeen added thanks to Alan Ross

Tattoo page updated with OlivinBlack's tattoo

Paperback £3.00

Hardback £11.21

05 Apr Easter Updates part 3

On the 41st anniversary of their performance at the Rainbow Theatre, London, an unofficial recording of their opening number Dead Souls has surfaced on YouTube. The quality is not great but it's a piece of history.

Promo poster for the French Lumières et Ténèbres book added to the listing. Thanks to Emmanuel

Factory II gig February 1980 updated with John Connor's recollections

"I went to see JD after the Iggy Pop gig at the Apollo. I had to walk and bumped into another chap who was doing the same. Support for Iggy that night was the Psychedelic Furs and they were already at the New Osborne when we arrived. Just in time to see JD come on stage after paying my £1.25 on the door. Hard to recall the set but I'm pretty sure Dead Souls was in there (first song?) as I still remember "They keep calling me" ringing out as it was my first JD gig".

Poster for Warsaw at the Squat June 1977 added to the listing, thanks to Gary Smith

Hardback £12.22


04 Apr Easter updates part 2

Listings added for the following bootlegs:

Warsaw The Lost LP


Live In Amsterdam 1980 CD


Beginning of The End 2020 LP


Listings added for the official 40th anniversary reissues from 2020:



03 Apr
Easter updates

When bootleggers issue the same 7" single under three different titles and in a confusingly named box set things get complicated. We've done our research and consolidated our various listings into one for simplicity. We've also added better pictures and information.

Listings added for the 2015 Complete BBC Recordings counterfeit LP and the 2021 pirate version in a different sleeve

Listings added for the 1997 and 2008 Polish, and 2007 Swedish editions of Touching From a Distance


Listing added for 1988 Yugoslavian book: Svetla u Podrumu Duše / Joy Division - Lights in The Basement of The Soul, thanks to Darko Smutni


2020 Medusa head pirate Sordide Sentimental single added to listing

27 Mar More photos

Listing updated with Gis Southworths's photos at Eric's August 1979. Thanks also to @futuramafest

21 Mar Warsaw decoded

After a lot of research we're reasonably confident we know how to identify a first pressing of the Warsaw bootleg LP. Many thanks to Nidge and Max.


20 Mar That'll Be The End

Listing updated with 2021 reissue on light blue, and dark blue with sparkles vinyl


24 Feb Europa

Listing added for 2020 Europa 2LP + CD reissue


18 Feb Ian Curtis with Tony Nuttall's family 1961/62

Tony Nuttall was Ian's best friend growing up and he's kindly allowed us to share this photo taken in Hurdsfield, Macclesfield in 1961/62.  Tony, his sisters, and Ian on the right. Thanks also to Joy Division Day by Day on Facebook

14 Feb Re imagined posters

Swissted is an ongoing project by artist and designer Mike Joyce, owner of Stereotype Design in New York City. Drawing from his love of punk rock and Swiss Modernism, two movements that have almost nothing to do with one another, Mike has redesigned vintage punk, hardcore, new wave, and indie rock show flyers into International Typographic Style posters.

We've added their two Joy Division posters to the relevant listings


11 Feb Mystery Poster

Boris Terlet bought this poster at a Brussels' record store last week. The problem is the band's European dates are well documented and La Gare, Lauwe, Belgium wasn't one of them. 

It's dated Friday 15th September with an entrance fee in French and Belgian Francs equating to roughly £5.

The 15th fell on a Friday in 1978, 1989, 1995 and 2000 and the poster can't be after that as French and Belgian Francs were replaced by the Euro.

So, what are the possibilities?

A planned gig on a 1980 Europen tour? Steven Brown of Tuxedomoon once stated they had plans to do a European tour with Joy Division in Summer / Autumn 1980. However, the 15th wasn't a Friday in 1980. Also Ian Curtis died in May that year so it's unlikely that posters would be printed before then with a firm date, ticket price and starting time.

A tribute night? Maybe. The price is about right but the poster doesn't state this.

A fake? There's money in fake posters for gigs that actually took place but not so much for ones that clearly didn't.

Update 31 August 2022: This is a poster for a Joy Division tribute concert at La Gare Belgium in 1995

08 Feb An Ideal For Living

An Ideal For Living book listing updated with an image of a signed edition, thanks to Martin Ballantyne

Signed Ideal For living Book

07 Feb Les Bains Douches CD

Listing added for Joy Division Live Bains Douches Paris 1979 bootleg CD from 2014. These were given away for free with orders from a French Cold wave label

06 Feb Rare Poster

Joy Division Doornroosje, Nijmegen poster added to our listing thanks to Regionaal Archief Nijmegen and Robert Jan van der Woud

05 Feb
Spanish Book

Listing added for El Fuego Helado  Unknown Pleasures y Closer Discos Que Marcaron Una Época by Marcos Gendre

24 Jan Kant Kino

Photo of fans queuing for Joy Division's Kant Kino concert added thanks to Torsten Tossi  Czerwonkad (maybe don't translate that) via Joy Division Day by Day on Facebook

21 Jan Club Vera

Photo added to Club Vera listing with thanks to Greenie Drums

18 Jan King Kong

Ticket added to king Kong listing, thanks to Bob Campenaerts, the drummer in support band De Kommeniste

17 Jan City Fun

City Fun benefit gig listing updated. Thanks to a review review in City Fun #18 we can add Disorder and Digital to the songs performed on the night.

The fanzine is currently on on eBay for £25.00

9 Jan Transmission

Site updated with listing for Transmission – Vita, Morte E Visioni Di Ian Curtis, Joy Division, 2014 Italian book

3 Jan Les Bains Douches

Ticket image added to our Les Bains Douches listing thanks to Patrick Berthier

17 Dec Undocumented cancelled gig

A gig guide has appeared on eBay which lists a previously unlisted cancelled Joy Division gig at Stockport tech, so we've updated our listings. Well spotted Pat Teasdale

13 Dec Amsterdam Paradiso poster surfaces after 40 years

Paradiso Amsterdam poster added to the listing thanks to Stephan Deijs and Joy Division Day By Day on Facebook

12 Dec European Tour January 1980

Newspaper adverts added to listings for Lantaren Rotterdam, Paradiso Amsterdam, and Paard Van Troje The Hague. Many thanks to Frank Vink

11 Dec Actionspace 1979

An image showing an unknown (cancelled) 1979 Joy Division gig at Actionspace London has surfaced on the internet. After a little digging we've unravelled the story and added a listing.
With thanks to Frank Vink.

24 Nov More photos

Leicester, De Montford Hall listing updated with photos by Bruce Crawford

19 Nov Stockport street scene

Bruce Crawford's photo of Stockport fly posters, including Buzzcocks and Joy Division at Manchester Apollo, nicely sums up the spirit of 1979.

18 Oct Unseen photos surface

More unseen photos of Ian Curtis have surfaced. Venue and date unknown. If you recognise these please get in touch

15 Oct Unknown Photographers

Every now and then photos surface without any information about the photographer. If you know who took these photos at Futurama and the Town Hall High Wycombe, please get in touch.

Futurama Festival 8 September 1979
Update: Photographer is Peter Bodenburg

High Wycombe Town Hall 20 February 1980

26 Oct Electric Ballroom 1979 Poster Surfaces

Poster for the Electric Ballroom concert 26 October 1979 added thanks to David Baguley who bought it for 50p from Tony Wilson who was manning the merch stand on the night.

20 Oct It'll Never End

Listing added for the 2014 That'll Be The End bootleg LP featuring the Ajanta Theatre Derby concert

13 Oct Moonlight

Listing added for the 2019 I'm Not Afraid Anymore bootleg LP featuring the Moonlight Club recordings

8 Oct Unreleased TV footage finally surfaces

Unreleased She's Lost Control footage from Granada TV's "What's on" has surfaced in 'Guy Garvey: From the Vaults' (episode 1) on Sky TV. It has closing credits from the original show, plus voice over from the new but still a very welcome broadcast

8 Oct More Jon Savage foreign editions

Listing updated with several foreign language translations of Jon Savage's book plus the UK paperback version.



8 Oct Jon Savage French translation

Listing added for Le reste n'etait qu'obscurite L’Histoire orale de Joy Division - the French translation of Jon Savage's book.

3 Oct Queens Hall Leeds

Listing added for Queens Hall, Leeds, September 8th 1979 bootleg from 2016

1 Oct Sordide Sentimental

Site updated with better images of the original Sordide Sentimantal single and info about the unofficial 2020 reissue

19 Sept Ian Curtis's Vox Phantom VI up for auction

The guitar owned by Ian Curtis and played in the Love Will Tear Us Apart video is to be sold at the prestigious Bonhams auction house on October 13th
Estimated hammer price of £60,000 - £80,000 - UPDATE:  it sold for £162,562

British-made, serial no.76634 stamped on the neckplate, pentagonal mahogany body finished in white with Jennings' Bigsby B5-type tremolo, Tune-o-matic roller bridge, three pickups with six push-button controls, including the misprinted 'Replat' for 'Repeat', and five rotary controls, original strap buttons, back with cavity for PP3 battery conversion, laminated scratchplate, one-piece maple neck with zero-fretted rosewood fingerboard and original frets, dot markers, headstock with Phantom VI Special decal, chrome truss rod cover and non-original Schaller machineheads, in hard rectangular, plush-lined case, accompanied by a copy of 12" single for the 40th anniversary of "Love Will Tear Us Apart" on vinyl, and a letter of provenance from Ian's daughter Natalie Curtis, CITES license no.592982/010

Owned and played by Joy Division frontman, singer-songwriter Ian Curtis (b.1956-d.1980). Used by fellow band-mate Bernard Sumner following Ian's death, and later gifted to Ian's daughter Natalie Curtis, in circa 2002.

12 Sept Interviewing the interviewer

On 28th February 1980 "Spider" interviewed Ian Curtis in a room above the Warehouse Preston while the rest of the band sound checked for the evening's gig. The interview, known variously as the Radio Blackburn or Radio Lancashire interview on bootleg copies was conducted for BBC Radio Blackburn's "Spin Off" programme.

Mark Gale recently caught up with Spider and interviewed him about what turned out to be Ian Curtis's last ever interview. 

The Warehouse was renamed Raiders for a time     

30 Aug Unpublished photos

Previously unpublished photos of Joy Division at the Moonlight Club 3rd April 1980- have appeared on Reddit.

Reddit user burnt-marmite says they were taken by his father, who was a close friend and workmate of Tony Wilson at Granada.

28 Aug Another bootleg

Listing added for Exercise One bootleg LP. Recorded live at the Nashville Ballroom September 1979


14 Aug Full 1979 interview published for the first time


In February 1979 Bob Dickinson recorded an interview with Joy Division for the New Manchester Review in his mother's cassette recorder. He was stopped by the police on the way home and accused of stealing it. When he explained he'd been interviewing Joy Division they said ""Never heard of them". He continued, explaining he was writing the interview for a fortnightly magazine called New Manchester Review. "That commie rag" they said, and let him go.

The recording has never surfaced but we've added a listing for it which includes, for the first time, publication of the full transcript.

Many thanks to Bob Dickinson and Jon Savage.

13 Aug New Stephen Morris book - out 12 November RRP £20

Following the success of Record Play Pause, Volume 1 of Stephen Morris's memoirs, Constable books will publish Volume 2 entitled Fast Forward on 12 November this year. RRP £20 and currently available for pre-order from Amazon at £17.60      

Meanwhile the paperback version of Record Play Pause will be published 3 September. Amazon pre-order price £8.49 



Listing added for Disorder bootleg LP which features the High Hall, Birmingham concert that was officially released on Still


28 July New Brazilian book

Listing added for Closer: Testamento Musical by Arlindo Gonçalves which features historical essays, fiction, reports of creative processes, photographs and illustrations, Portuguese langauge

27 July Bootleg test pressing

Listing added for Live at Ajanta Theatre Derby U.K. 19.4.1980 which appears to be the test pressing for a forthcoming reissue of the 2003 Beginning of The End bootleg LP.

          Click for larger image

13 July New French Book

Listing added for Ian Curtis - Twenty-Four Hours french book by Diego Gil

03 July Baby Face

Listing added for 2017 reissue of the Warsaw CD


22 June Beware counterfeits

Listing added for a 2020 Love Will Tear Us Apart counterfeit 12". Unlike many pirate copies this one tries pretty hard to look like an official release.


21 June 20 copy bootleg

Listing added for Warsaw - The Lost,  Complete 1977 Recordings - a double LP featuring complete Warsaw rehearsal, demo and live recordings available from 1977. Limited to 20 copies.


20 June Rare publication

Listing added for Welcome to The Atrocity Exhibition 1982 song lyrics leaflet by Glenn Bennett. Only about 30 copies were made.

15 June Bury Riot

Gabby Higgs' photos added to the Derby Hall, Bury gig listing. Many thanks to her and her brother Matthew

(C) Gabby Higgs

11 June Nashville

Listing added for Nashville Ballroom bootleg LP


06 June TR3

Advert for TR3 gig on cancelled US tour added thanks to Philip Kret

05 June
The first Dutch Joy Division book

Listing added for Marc Schoorl's new book

20 May Warsaw revisited

We have spent a significant amount of our COVID lockdown completely revising and updating the Warsaw bootleg LP listings. It’s been quite a task uploading loads more pictures and information and we now have a different opinion about which one was the original based on the recollections of someone who was there at the time, Portobello Market as it happens.

          Click for larger image      

19 May Unpublished Joy Division photo surfaces

Stephen Lock took this photo at the Moonlight Club 3rd April 1980. He attended all three concerts at the venue but hadn't planned to take photos

Photo (C)
Steven Lock and reproduced here with permission


18 May 40 years ago today we lost a genius

Rest in Peace Ian Curtis who died on this day 1980. If only he'd known ...

Photo (C) Andrew Davis

We have added Excessive Flashpoints - An Inside Portrait of Ian Curtis and Joy Division by Kanthe  to our articles and interviews section. It gives a unique perspective on the fragmented nature of Ian's life

17 May Unpublished Ian Curtis photo surfaces after 40 years

A photo of Ian Curtis leaving the stage at the end of Joy Division's last Manchester Concert, at the Russell Club 11 April 1980 has surfaced. (C) Raynard Toombs and reproduced here with permission.

15 May It's fun to stay ...

Listing added for YMCA 2-8-79 bootleg LP released 2013


13 May Closer 40th Anniversary ...

Closer 40th Anniversary Edition to be released 17 July on crystal clear vinyl. Transmission, Atmosphere and Love Will Tear Us Apart singles will also be reissued with remastered audio. The complete bundle is available for pre-order at £39.99


11 May We Were Strangers

Listing added for the We Were Strangers picture disc bootleg from 2019.

10 May
Unpublished 1978 Joy Division photos surface

Five unpublished colour photos of Joy Division at the Hope and Anchor, London December 1978 have surfaced on Facebook. Jonathan Crabb took the photos using a Kodak Instamatic and remembers only about 30 people attended the gig. Click here to see the full set on his Facebook page.  

Bootleg listings added for Asylum Doors, Twenty Four Hours, Live at Malvern Winter Gardens, April 5th 1980, and All Love Lost. Click images for more info:


24 Apr Pirate 2LP added

Listing added for 2019's Singles 1978-1980 double LP


24 Apr I remember, when we were young

Anthony Newton remembers seeing Joy Division at the Playhouse Theatre, Nottingham. This gig has never been well documented and we're building up a picture of what it was like from people's recollections. A few years ago we thought Buzzcocks played but now we know John Cooper Clarke did two sets with a short, probably unannounced, Joy Division performance sandwiched in the middle. These details are important to us - so if you were there too, please get in touch.

19 Apr Paradiso

Listing added for New Dawn Fades 2LP bootleg from 2015


£94.22 inc P&P 

17 Apr High Wycombe

Listing added for Live at Town Hall, High Wycombe 20th February 1980 bootleg LP. All tracks on this were officially released on the 2007 version of Still


16 Apr 2014 bootlegs

Listings added for Exercise One, and Demos and Rare Tracks bootlegs from 2014. Essentially the same record, but with different labels, in two different sleeves


15 Apr Warsaw

Listing added for Warsaw - An Ideal For Living - The Demos. Released in 2018 this LP features the RCA album sessions and five early demos from 1977.

12 Apr Limited editions

Listings added for the 2019 Europa and Eindhoven bootlegs. These were extremely limited editions featuring essentially the same records but Europa was pressed on different vinyl colours and  Eindoven was black vinyl with a free CD and postcard / photo inserts. The CD was also released separately.


11 Apr One LP two titles

Listings added for the 2014 Ceremony and Live bootleg LPs. These are the same record in two different sleeves:


10 Apr Moonlighting

Listing added for Moonlight Club CD 2019 reissue.

8 Apr Set lists

Listing for Factory 11 April 1980 updated with the planned set list as documented in Rob Gretton's notebooks. Thanks to TJ for pointing it out.

Potential set list for Eric's 16 February 1979 added

7 Apr Ink

More Joy Division tattoos added thanks to Eve Severe and Martyn Jones


Blu-ray £9.24
5 Apr Unpublished photos

Omega Auctions 28th April 2020 - lots to include unseen photographs from Joy Division's last Manchester concert - sold with copyright. Starting price £500.

Decades of Devotion
Rob Summerfield

4 Apr Four Decades

On the 40th anniversary of Joy Division's Rainbow concert, two audio tracks have surfaced from a private recording:


Atrocity Exhibition


3 Apr Driven up the wall

We asked Stephen Morris about the infamous Band on The Wall tape, the one attributed to various dates, and we've updated our listing with his opinion

1 Apr

Listing added for the French FNAC Joy Division Control book and DVD set

27 Mar Tattoos

More Joy Division tattoos added to the site

26 Mar Final Ceremony

Another pirate Ceremony listing added. This one is yesterdays 10" on black vinyl and in a different sleeve

25 Mar Pirate Ceremony

Listing added for Ceremony / In a Lonely Place bootleg 10". Similar to the one posted yesterday but the B side track is a different version.

24 Mar Graveyard Studio

Listing added for Ceremony / In a Lonely Place bootleg 12". Featuring the tracks previously released on the official Heart and Soul box set this 12" tries hard to look like an official release.

23 Mar Live at the Lyceum

Listing added for Lyceum CD, a reissue of the Live at The Lyceum double LP

22 Mar Appropriate title for our times

Listing added for Incubation LP. Features the concert at Hemel Hempstead Pavilion November 1979, including the sound check. Released on picture disc, and black vinyl in two different covers


21 Mar Inked

Two more Joy Division tattoos added to the site


20 Mar Another black and white bootleg cover

Listing added for Joy Division Live at The University of London Union 2019 bootleg LP

7 Mar Unlisted Joy Division concert discovered

OK, it's a gig Joy Division pulled out of but Geordie Mick, Australia has sent us this previously unseen flyer for a concert with John Cooper Clarke at Newcastle Guildhall in June 1979. The concert went ahead without Joy Division for whatever reason.

6 Mar High Wycombe update

Ticket scan added to the High Wycombe concert with Killing Joke - with thanks to Paul Lewis from the Wycombegigs web site

2 Mar Not this time

Listing updated for the shelved 2007 Joy Division All The Time movie.

29 Feb New French book

Listing added for Joy Division Sessions 1977-1981 by by Pierre-Frédéric Charpentier.

28 Feb Another bootleg

Listing added for Waiting For Our Sight LP featuring the Ajanta concert minus the encore jam with Section 25.

14 Feb 40 copy bootleg box set

Listing added for Joy Division Studio Sessions Vol 1 - 3, a three LP bootleg box set from 2009


08 Feb A - Z

Listing added for Joy Division & New Order - de A à Z,  a 2003 French book by Bertrand Dermoncourt.  This was one of the "Les Guides MusicBook" series which covered numerous bands and musical artists.

05 Feb Electric Ballroom bootleg

This is The Room bootleg LP and CD listings added

New Order + Liam Gillick: So it goes..

£42.99 inc P&P
and mp3 rip

22 Jan Give a little Heart and Soul

Heart & Soul - Critical Essays on Joy Division, book listing added to the site

20 Jan 2020 Sharpen up the black pencils ...

Joy Division Adult Coloring Book published 17 January 2020

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